Annual Strategic Review and Reflection: SHIFTing Financial Inclusion and Women's Economic Empowerment in ASEAN

In 2015, UNCDF formally launched the Shaping Inclusive Finance Transformations (SHIFT) programme in the ASEAN region. Fundamentally, SHIFT catalyses innovative partnerships across financial, policy, data and training markets to accelerate financial inclusion and women’s economic participation in the developing world. Following a year of start-up implementation, the SHIFT programme is hosting this workshop with people of shared perspectives, yet with different skills and constituencies, to contribute to a formative strategy review and reflection to support adjustments needed in the SHIFT programme’s implementation.



Official account of @UNCDF SHIFT programme - improving the level of #FinancialInclusion in the ASEAN region.

UNCDF’s Shaping Inclusive Finance Transformations (SHIFT) is a regional response to constraints to financial access and usage, particularly among women and small businesses owned, managed or predominately serving women. SHIFT is a financial-market facilitation, technical assistance and funding facility which aims to deliver a rapid improvement in the level of financial inclusion as a means of reducing poverty and vulnerability in the ASEAN region.


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